Juice Pressing

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2 April 2014

Depending on the methodology of pressing juices come in the following varieties:
Juice produced by cold pressing using a belt press;
Juice produced by cold pressing using a pneumatic bag press;
Juice produced by mixing cold pressed juice and fruit puree produced by pulping.

Juices produced by a belt press are made of fruits whose juice could be extracted by mechanical pressing by rollers. These are fruits with relatively firm texture such as apples, pears, aronia.

The process of pneumatic bag pressing is suitable for fruits which cannot be efficiently extracted using a belt press. For example, grapes cannot be belt pressed as a large portion of the juice remains in the skins. At the same time, grapes cannot be pulped as bits of the seeds transition into the puree and significantly change the taste of the product. For grapes, a pneumatic bag press is used where a closed-space rotating station with an inflating bag squeezes crushed grapes and removes the grape juice.

Fruits that have a soft texture cannot be belt pressed and a fruit puree using a pulping machine is produced from them. Such fruits include: peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. The fruit puree is then mixed with apple juice and a blended juice of two or more fruits is produced.