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14 February 2014

The company offers direct fruit juices that are packed immediately after being cold pressed and pasteurized. These are direct[ Direct juices are of much higher quality than juices from concentrate because they have a much higher nutritional and vitamin value; have a better taste and flavor, and are packaged immediately after pressing. The process of juice concentration, typical for the majority of the juices sold, involves extraction of natural water from the juice and results in significant loss of flavor and taste and in complete loss of vitamin value.
]  (non-from concentrate) juices made of firm; ripe; fresh, chilled or frozen fruits, produced by cold pressing or pulping, and subjected to a mild pasteurization of 80-84oC (depending on the acidity (pH) of fruits). The juices produced are only mechanically filtered and have not been subjected to clarification with colloid-chemical or biochemical methods. Juices are single-fruit juices or blends of juices of two or more fruits. All juices have 100% fruit content and carry the typical for the fruit natural color, flavor, taste and sugars.